Queen Collector



Kit Queen Collector and marking fork

With these practical tools you can capture and mark the queen bee in a simple way and without damage:

  1. The plastic fork is equipped with elastic to easily lock the queen bee on honeycomb without damaging it;
  2. The Queen Collectorthen allows you to confine the queen bee effectively and fast in the cage-Var Control and get the total brood block.


  • fast and secure marking
  • Queen confinement fast
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • No damage to the bee queen

Technical features

  • Queen Collector is made of transparent plastic
  • Weight 68 gr.

Price of the kit Queen Collector + fork

€ 11,50 (+ VAT, if due)

Video on caging the queen bee

Queen marking fork
Queen marking
Queen collector
Carrying queen bee housing
The moment capture queen bee
The moment capture queen bee
Queen collector
Queen bee captured
Queen collector
Carrying queen bee housing
Introduction queen bee cage in Var-Control