Var-Control Cage Mozzato



Cage for fighting varroa through brood block

The cage allows the queen bee confinement but the passage of worker bees. Once confined to the cage, the queen stops laying throughout the caging period, without prejudice to its state of health and without too much strain on the beekeeper.

For caging we recommend using our convenient Queen Collector.


  • No need for silkworm eggs from molasses or "exclude queen bee"
  • It is not necessary to add it to make room for boxes of eggs from the nest
  • It allowds to verify the presence and vitality of the queen inside the cage
  • To free the queen simply open the door of the cage
  • It is not necessary to observe a stricter timing for free the queen, in order to prevent the spread of varroa

Technical features

  • The cage is made of thermoplastic material so that it is very flexible; it is provided with two suspenders for a fast and easy connection to the box of silkworm eggs or to the honeycomb and a closing resistant.
  • Width 5 cm, height 7.8 cm, depth 3 cm.
  • Weight 18.5 gr.

More purchases, the more you save

NB: minimum of 6 cages Order. For orders over 1,000 cages contact us:

Video of bee queen caging

Instructions for use in English

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Instructions for use in German

Instructions for use in Spanish

Video: Bee vs varroa

Before brood block


After caging the queen bee


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